Ceramic Coatings 

Ceramic Coating is a hydrophobic coating that chemically bonds to your vehicles clear coat providing a thicker more durable layer of protection that is more permanent then waxes and sealants. Ceramic coating helps to protect your paint against scratching, swirling, weather, acid rain, tree sap, bird poop, fading and many more!

Each of our Ceramic Coating packages comes with a fully compliant legal warranty! We are the only shop in the Chester County Area that offers this Ceramic Coating!

 Protecting your vehicle even further during your ownership of it. No matter the year, make or model you can guarantee we'll help you keep it cleaned and protected and increase the value when it comes to sell.


Each package includes our Stage One Correction to prep your vehicles paint and remove any scratches or swirls. Then your choice of our 1,3,5 or 7 year coating.

Please note heavy scratches and swirls may require a Stage Two Correction.

* price varies depending on vehicle size and condition *

Ceramic Coating Add Ons

Wheels & Calipers

Wheel Faces : $150.00

Wheels removed, cleaned and ceramic coated: $350.00


Glass Coating

Windshield: $100.00

All Glass: $200.00


Interior Ceramic Coating

Starting at $600.00